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The Bullshido sportist cult and the harassment

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This website is not related to Bullshido.com or Bullshido.net

It is a free website dedicated to good Martial arts instructors who have been

Falsely harassed or slandered by the Martial sport thugs on these two sites.



Far Hills, NJ: Genshin Ki Dojo - Master Christian, 10th Dan ...

The below story is in regards to harassment on Bullshido.net which resulted in fraudulant & slanderous statements being made about myself and my teachings.



In my situation, it began by someone annoymously sending me an email with a link to a blog on another website. Because they were illegally using my name and business name  I thought nothing of it to stand up for Justice and kindly ask them to remove any listings etc. After constant harassment and being called numerous profane names, untruthful statements were made about things I have supposidly said or done.

The blog was closed and one of the irrate sportist opened a blog on Bullshido.net an hour later on the same night. The same 3 people, different user names, wished to further harass & slander me.  Mind you that these three individuals are moderators on the Martial Talk website (another Martial sports only website).

Speaking with the owner of the website (Martial talk) proved to be just as futile as the mindset was the same, which should not have been a surprise to me. These people were permitted to continue to threaten me, call me profane names and mock any attempts of my initiating any disciplinary action against them by the site owner. Threats of banning me and so forth were recorded in an online email system specific to that website and forwarded to the owner. The result was false accusations being made against me and the Sport oriented owner banning me with refusal to remove my business name and personal information from the immature web blog. In addition, comments of any merit made by myself were removed from the blog with only confusing and partial comments left.

One was a 22 year old from Canada, less then 2 years in Isshinryu but knew more about the history then anyone else because he was a so called "historian". He also owned a MMA sport school and was of course a TKD blackbelt and low rank in BJJ.  This is the person who untruthfully writes : "I don't know anything about this guy, but he seems a bit young" - a humorous comment considering Mr AG (I won't mention full names respectfully - even though it has been done to me) is a 22 year old guy that is an expert in MMA / UFC sports and has his own sports school.


The second fellow was a 14 year practioner of Mauy Thai and wished to meet and fight. He was irrate beyond words because he did not wish to be referred to as a Martial sportist. I simply told him he can call himself anything he wants when I saw him getting more violent. He falsely claims to have a family in Alaska, but in reality this "he" was actually a female that lives in NJ and a TaeKwonDoist. (amazing how these people don't realize that if your untruthful it will always be found out sooner or later).


The last was a female from Virgina who owns a TKD school with her husband. She was upset due to my telling her that TKD is not from 2,000 years ago and it is from 1955 founded as the national Korean sport. The foul language and animosity towards me was very disturbing, but more disturbing was the picture of her teaching 3 year olds on the TKD website.

This was the woman that had the temerity to (while using a false identity and spewing profanity) state in the blog that she was happy to read the bullshido.net artical and she wouldn't want me teaching her kids.

(the deception and untruthfulness is truely sickening - pretending to be a concerned mother. A concerned mother would be no where near the Bullshido.net website, yet alone spend the time to sign up with a user ID and then reply on a forum where the "F" word has been used numerous times in that very blog)


These three sportist harassed me via email - cursing, degrading and stating that I can't do anything about it because they will just ban me. They also personally attacked my character outside of any Martial arts related talk.  This is what sportist do. If you disagree or simply do not discuss anything, they will detour from the topic and then attack you personally by slander, harassing email and any means legal or illegal. That is one of the negative character traits of all sportist and the self glorification of never being wrong.

In ending, one can see that this blog / story written on Bullshido.net was started by three people that have issues with my philosophy and lack the understanding of the essence of the Martial arts. If it's so easy for anyone, including people with false identities to sign up and write slanderous information about people, what help could that truely be to the public? Bullshido.net is a website for sportist to make up ficticious stories about others they don't like so as to harass them. 



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